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US and Iran Made Progress Toward Nuclear Deal With Sanctions On Track To Be Lifted

02 May, 2021
Iran Nuclear Deal 2021

Most of sanctions are on track to be lifted

In line with what we observed over the recent weeks, latest officials comments suggest that the positive momentum concerning the restoration of the Iran nuclear deal is gaining traction. On Twitter, Russian envoy Mikhail Ulyanov noted “It’s to early to be excited, but we have reasons for cautious and growing optimism. There is no deadline, but participants aim at successful completion of the talks in approximately 3 weeks.

Later on Saturday, Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi saidSanctions … on Iran’s energy sector, which include oil and gas, or those on the automotive industry, financial, banking and port sanctions, all should be lifted based on agreements reached so far“.

Much work needs to be done to restore the nuclear deal with little time left

However, much work needs to be done in the coming weeks to reach a deal. According to Bloomberg, “One European official sounded a more cautious note, saying that much was still needed to reach a deal and that there was little time left.

Reuters (citing a source) reported almost the same story. “We have much work, and little time, left. Against that background, we would have hoped for more progress this week,” the source said after talks broke off for a week.

Officials hope to complete talks and finalize an agreement over the deal by May 22, when Iran’s interim nuclear monitoring agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency expires.