U U.S. Presidential Election

U.S. Presidential Election: First Reactions To Biden/Trump Debate

30 September, 2020

President Donald Trump and former vice president Joe Biden have faced off in Cleveland for the first of the presidential debates. According to Bloomberg, they “hurled insults and repeatedly interrupted each other in their first debate Tuesday, sparring over topics that included the coronavirus, the economy and their families“.



After the debate, the Trump campaign published a statement stating that disorder had been the strategy. “President Trump in charge, Biden weak,” the campaign said, claiming that Trump had delivered “the greatest debate performance in presidential history.” However, this opinion hasn’t been shared by both betting markets and post-debate polls, which confirmed that Joe Biden won the debate.



In this context, U.S.futures turned lower reflecting increasing probabilities of:

➡ A Democratic Sweep (synonym of higher Corp. tax, end of foreign tax loopholes and the rise of capital gains tax (the largest in U.S. history)

➡ A disputed Biden victory (the debate reinforces the scenario that if Biden wins, Trump is not going to accept easily).