Week Ahead – w5 (2021)


Summary Key Macro Events

🇮🇹 Italian President Sergio Mattarella may decide whether to give a mandate — to Giuseppe Conte or someone else — to form a coalition after Conte offered his resignation as prime minister last week – Bloomberg (1)

🇺🇸 Biden will meet with the Republican senators at the White House on Monday afternoon to discuss their alternative proposal worth of $600 billion (1)

🇺🇸 ISM Manufacturing for January (1)

🇪🇺 🇺🇸 French President Emmanuel Macron speaks at the EU Parliament in Strasbourg about transatlantic relations – Bloomberg (2)

🇪🇺 4Q GDP (2)

⚠ OPEC+ Joint Ministerial Monitoring Committee meets (3)

🇪🇺 CPI for January (2)

🇺🇸 U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen may give a first hint of any shift in debt issuance strategy in the quarterly refunding announcement, where the Treasury lays out its tactics for sales of Treasuries – Bloomberg (3)

🇺🇸 ISM Services for January (4)

🇬🇧 BOE meeting (4)

🇪🇺 European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen speaks at the University of Warwick virtual Economic Summit – Bloomberg (5)

🇺🇸 Employment report for January (5)






Focus on 🇺🇸 Economic Calendar



Top 10 Macro/Financial Charts of the Previous Week – w4



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