Forecasting: a passion for several years

On the academic side, after a Master II in Finance (104), I wrote a thesis in Financial Economics at Paris-Dauphine University. The aim of this thesis was to highlight the parallels that can exist between the sports betting market and stock markets. More specifically, one of my objectives was to predict the returns associated with each type of odds in the context of men's professional tennis and to deduce clear-cut conclusions regarding the empirical validation of informational efficiency.

Although I enjoyed my time in the academic sphere, the overly theoretical framework and the lack of daily risk-taking led me to pursue a career as a market economist. Being also passionate about macroeconomics, I chose to adapt my models and methodology to the forecasting of economic statistics (growth, inflation, unemployment rate, etc.). This forecasting work has been very useful in extending my field of expertise to that of strategist.

Chief Economist and Strategist at Market Securities since 2011, I have been awarded by Bloomberg the title of Top Forecaster of the U.S. Economy (since 2012), Eurozone Economy (since 2015) and Chinese Economy (since 2017).

At the service of institutional investors and the public sector

My research is aimed at a wide range of global institutional investors (banks, insurance companies, management companies, pension funds, etc.) but also public bodies (governments, central banks, etc.). I am regularly consulted by the French Ministry. for the Economy and Finance.

Open-access analyses

Intended for institutional investors, some of my analyses are freely available via press articles, contributions or television appearances. With more than 70,000 followers on Twitter, Focus Economics (#27) and Richtopia (#63) have ranked me among the most influential economists of the world.

"The world's best forecaster" is clear: "It will take years for the economy to erase the hole of 2020."

Le Nouvel Obs, 10 avril 2020