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According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, 28 European countries have crossed a key threshold of new coronavirus infections. Latest data showed that the countries have recorded cumulative 14-day infection totals higher than 20 per 100,000 inhabitants, considered an early alarm level by many health experts.


Source: European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (data as of Sep. 25th)


1/21. Sep 26 to Oct 02 – #COVID19 Daily Epidemic Forecasting in 209 countries for cases, deaths, tests, R-eff, risk maps (21 of them analyzed below).
Data: @ECDC_EU https://t.co/lsAJmfF616 https://t.co/YgpOxMJcyy
Powered by @ISG_UNIGE & @SDSCdatascience pic.twitter.com/yen041m48r

— Antoine FLAHAULT (@FLAHAULT) September 25, 2020


Germany (accès aux statistiques)

Germany's confirmed coronavirus cases rise by 2,507 to 282,730: RKI https://t.co/gEquxNutjQ pic.twitter.com/EGSv7l4JLG

— Reuters (@Reuters) September 26, 2020


Spain (accès aux statistiques)

Datos por comunidades 25/09/2020:

⚠️Hoy hay 12.272 nuevos positivos.

– Evolución IA= Incidencia acumulada (indica cuantos casos, proporcional a 100.000 hab)
– Razón de tasas
– Situación global y número de casos, compara con IA de 7 y 14 días

Sigue hilo pic.twitter.com/PeAWhfWXc1

— ngb padel (@ngbpadel2) September 25, 2020

➡️Gráficas de casos notificados por día y acumulados en 14 y 7 días.

Hoy hay 12.272 casos nuevos. El viernes pasado fueron 14.389. Hace 2 viernes fueron 12.183. Hace 3 viernes 10.476. pic.twitter.com/2G8XskfAu3

— ngb padel (@ngbpadel2) September 25, 2020


France (accès aux statistiques)

Moyenne des cas #COVIDー19 détectés (Source bilan quotidien SPF by @Fabien_L)

⬆️ 15796 cas (+20% vs j-7)
⬆️ Moyenne à 15796 (+28%⬇️)

PS : les bilans SPF pointent les cas à réception du résultat du test alors que SIDEP prend en compte la date du prélèvement. SIDEP a 3j de retard pic.twitter.com/2lDCvPS73A

— Guillaume Saint-Quentin (@starjoin) September 25, 2020

Mise à jour avec les données du 25/09 (22/09 pour les tests) : https://t.co/oGJiH6e9rU@EricBillyFR @Le___Doc #COVID19france pic.twitter.com/1XX6ade27l

— Germain Forestier (@gforestier) September 25, 2020

Mise à jour avec les données du jour pour les tests (22/09). ⚠️Seules les données des 21-22/09 sont disponibles pour la S39 (cette semaine). Suivre l'évolution avec les données disponibles dans les prochains jours : https://t.co/oGJiH5Wy3k pic.twitter.com/jXmpudE4bn

— Germain Forestier (@gforestier) September 25, 2020

[THREAD]#MétéoCovidFrance du 25 septembre


France Métropolitaine :
612 entrées ⬆️ J-7 (585)
Moyenne 546,71 ⬆️ J-1 (542,86)

49 entrées ⬆️ J-7 (28)
Moyenne 34,57 ⬆️ J-1 (31,57)

Graph sur toute la période et les 120 derniers jours

La suite ⤵️ pic.twitter.com/9hG5zETCNt

— Guillaume Saint-Quentin (@starjoin) September 25, 2020

Total des personnes #COVID19 en réanimation et soins intensifs

France Métropolitaine :
Total ⬆️ 1027 (+48)

Total ⬆️ 65 (+3)

☹️ Il y a désormais plus de 1000 personnes en réa/soin intensif en France Métropolitaine. pic.twitter.com/V1tBu9Hmu6

— Guillaume Saint-Quentin (@starjoin) September 25, 2020

Attention aux termes: une "vaguelette" est une petite vague sans conséquences. Le démarrage d'une vague n'est pas une vaguelette! Aujourd'hui la France est au niveau du 15 mars dernier en termes de mortalité #COVID19. Grossissement de la courbe visible sur https://t.co/PSYgMrTvzA pic.twitter.com/tWjQ5hzp0D

— Antoine FLAHAULT (@FLAHAULT) September 25, 2020


Italy (accès aux statistiques)

Coronavirus in Italia, il bollettino di oggi 25 settembre: 1.912 nuovi casi e 20 morti https://t.co/FYseAk4H3d

— Corriere della Sera (@Corriere) September 25, 2020

Covid in Italia, il monitoraggio: «Casi in aumento, la situazione dei Paesi vicini è pr… https://t.co/vGigZyulUZ pic.twitter.com/4z9aZEyF6z

— Corriere della Sera (@Corriere) September 26, 2020


Daily New Confirmed Cases (7-day moving average)

*Note: Data can’t be directly compared to lockdown period amid methodology change and increasing frequency of tests (see below).


Daily New Tests (7-day moving average)


Positivity Rates (7-day moving average)


Daily New Confirmed Deaths (7-day moving average)


Wall Street rallied on Friday, but the Dow and the S&P 500 still posted their longest weekly losing streaks since August 2019, as fears of a slowing economy sparked an almost month-long rout. More here: https://t.co/QcvFysRECS pic.twitter.com/BI70Hn8qsl

— Reuters Business (@ReutersBiz) September 26, 2020

#SPX | S&P 500’s Fourth Week of Losses Sounds Alarm on Economic Growth – Bloomberg
*Link: https://t.co/U3YjAHR1bx pic.twitter.com/sdAuOtoF8N

— Christophe Barraud (@C_Barraud) September 26, 2020

Rise in virus cases adds to economic uncertainty ahead of U.S. election https://t.co/3MW0wAUt3K pic.twitter.com/Tqd6TeMw8V

— Reuters Business (@ReutersBiz) September 26, 2020

Pelosi, Mnuchin Resume Talks on U.S. Fiscal Stimulus With Call – Bloomberghttps://t.co/OZgiGa4hEp

— Christophe Barraud (@C_Barraud) September 26, 2020

#Trump Tells Associates He’s Picking Barrett for Supreme Court – Bloomberghttps://t.co/TOdknJKIdR

— Christophe Barraud (@C_Barraud) September 26, 2020

US sanctions #China’s biggest chipmaker – FThttps://t.co/pLuBiiDGMv

— Christophe Barraud (@C_Barraud) September 26, 2020


China "state media are lashing out and threatening retaliation on multiple fronts—or 'legitimate countermeasures,' as China likes to put it. That version of reciprocity amounts to telling the world: 'Stay open to China, or China will hurt you.'"@DSORennie https://t.co/19wbfDaFaz

— Jonathan Cheng (@JChengWSJ) September 26, 2020

China needs to step up global financial integration: FX regulator https://t.co/GFSJigkqvr pic.twitter.com/R8yGiWqp0H

— Reuters Business (@ReutersBiz) September 26, 2020

North Korean leader Kim apologizes over killing of South Korean official https://t.co/KGjrfTF9WV pic.twitter.com/GgQvoY6abx

— The Hill (@thehill) September 26, 2020

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga declared his willingness to meet North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un without preconditions https://t.co/Zj5HfAEikU

— Bloomberg Asia (@BloombergAsia) September 25, 2020

Japan to ease entry restrictions for all countries, but not tourists.https://t.co/pmaNZhgpRp

— Nikkei Asian Review (@NAR) September 26, 2020


#Europe #Covid_19: Daily Summary (September 26th)

*Focus on #Germany, #Spain, #France and #Italy

HT @FLAHAULT, @ngbpadel2, @starjoin, @gforestier, @Reuters, @Corrierehttps://t.co/gdlgXFkOTg

— Christophe Barraud (@C_Barraud) September 26, 2020

Government estimates 100,000 people in England had coronavirus last week https://t.co/c1MEqleN9U

— Financial Times (@FT) September 25, 2020

Opposition parties join Tory rebels to fight virus measures https://t.co/zWT7rZ3OWH

— Financial Times (@FT) September 25, 2020

European Bond Market May Look to #ECB for Help Amid Supply Risks – Bloomberg
*#Germany and #France to update debt-issuance plans on Monday
*Lagarde, other officials at ECB Watchers event on Wednesdayhttps://t.co/nG2KFFVIWV

— Christophe Barraud (@C_Barraud) September 26, 2020

NEW: The EU has set out conditions the U.K. must meet if Brexit talks are to move into a negotiating “tunnel” where the two sides would work on a joint text https://t.co/SJSU1Cc2Dz

— Alberto Nardelli (@AlbertoNardelli) September 25, 2020

#SPX | Every Day-Trader Dollar Is Worth Five in a New Theory on Stocks – Bloomberg
*New research sets out to explain equity market fluctuations
*Link: https://t.co/Ndd8SWC0DP pic.twitter.com/pkDo6IUJTY

— Christophe Barraud (@C_Barraud) September 26, 2020

Large speculators* haven't had this much short exposure to major equity index futures in over a decade. They're short about $47 billion worth.

* Hedge funds, trend-following CTAs, etc. pic.twitter.com/q80Euitm2I

— SentimenTrader (@sentimentrader) September 25, 2020

Ouch! ‘The performance of safe assets this September has been the worst in at least a decade during a major equity market drawdown’
– J. P. Morgan pic.twitter.com/3Cdq4QEivK

— jeroen blokland (@jsblokland) September 25, 2020

Dollar Positioning (updated).

Despite the Dollar's sharp rally this week, Futures traders SOLD another $2.5 Billion – now the biggest Short Dollar position in 9 years.

If this USD rally continues, a lot of traders look headed for an expensive lesson in risk management. pic.twitter.com/8bQ3RmRBys

— Macro Charts (@MacroCharts) September 26, 2020

NEW: With two-thirds of 2020 now in the books, China has purchased less than one-third of the US exports Trump pledged it would buy this year under his "historic" Phase One deal.

(Official August trade data released today.)https://t.co/L2Be1ozw68

— Chad P. Bown (@ChadBown) September 25, 2020