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7-day average of coronavirus cases surges 30% from week ago – CNBChttps://t.co/zz1FiOHq3B

— Christophe Barraud (@C_Barraud) June 24, 2020

Treasury Dept. May Consider Extending Tax Filing Deadline a Second Time – WSJhttps://t.co/MyHnaCnYJE

— Christophe Barraud (@C_Barraud) June 24, 2020

#Junk Bonds Topple Monthly Sales Record in ‘Party Like No Other’ – Bloomberg
Junk issuers have already sold $46.7b of bonds in June, surpassing the prior monthly record of $46.4b in September 2013, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.
*Link: https://t.co/J92fnhdNEH pic.twitter.com/41bD7B7KGm

— Christophe Barraud (@C_Barraud) June 24, 2020


#BOJ signals pause after months of pandemic-fighting stimulus steps: June summary – Reutershttps://t.co/U96JfYyac3

— Christophe Barraud (@C_Barraud) June 24, 2020

#China’s Virus-Safety Demand Is Latest Hurdle to Trump #Trade Deal – Bloomberghttps://t.co/iusBK5XH3o

— Christophe Barraud (@C_Barraud) June 24, 2020

Kim Jong Un Suspends Planned Military Moves Against #SouthKorea – Bloomberghttps://t.co/GzDTfxa7IZ

— Christophe Barraud (@C_Barraud) June 24, 2020


EU prepares to ban American travelers as borders reopen on July 1 – Axioshttps://t.co/nZr1NF4TUv

— Christophe Barraud (@C_Barraud) June 24, 2020

#France's Macron, Dutch PM Rutte make progress on #EU budget: Elysee – Reutershttps://t.co/ILFxx1Mwhi

— Christophe Barraud (@C_Barraud) June 24, 2020

Germany's confirmed coronavirus cases rise by 587 to 191,449 – RKI https://t.co/e1iz0RD5yC pic.twitter.com/RhcW42Fu8c

— Reuters (@Reuters) June 24, 2020

While its 3-month rolling % change hasn't been this high since January 2000, the 6-month change of +17% for the Nasdaq 100 doesn't stand out very much. Almost hit 100% back in 1999. https://t.co/s4VBeLW0zS $QQQ $$ pic.twitter.com/2lf78VPPPy

— Bespoke (@bespokeinvest) June 24, 2020

Put/Call Ratio 21d hit the second most overbought in 20 years, exceeded the January peak, and *turned down*.

If history is a guide, this could add significant risk for an important top in Equities.

Odds are growing for a sharp correction into Q3 – magnitude to be determined. pic.twitter.com/9aNu3EzRxd

— Macro Charts (@MacroCharts) June 24, 2020

#Technology stocks once again powered U.S. markets on Tuesday, with #Apple Inc. climbing to a record and adding the most to gains in both the S&P 500 Information Technology Index – Bloomberg
*Strength versus broader U.S. market hit its highest level since July 2000. pic.twitter.com/s8kKFUwPos

— Christophe Barraud (@C_Barraud) June 24, 2020

#IMF Forecasts Deeper Global Recession From Growing Virus Threat – Bloomberg
*Link: https://t.co/v6TJalgfLF pic.twitter.com/IMbHm9Uo9O

— Christophe Barraud (@C_Barraud) June 24, 2020

US reopening at a glance pic.twitter.com/oO34mA6PMN

— zerohedge (@zerohedge) June 24, 2020