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Households feeling as poor as in the Great Recession.

The wealth gap is only deteriorating.

40M unemployed.

No incentive to go back to work.
No work to go back to.

Wait until the unemployment insurance program expires. pic.twitter.com/GrY1ziHpVE

— Otavio (Tavi) Costa (@TaviCosta) June 5, 2020

umm… pic.twitter.com/mvKa3fZiXw

— SentimenTrader (@sentimentrader) June 5, 2020

#Gold | The amount of the precious metal held in bullion-backed #ETFs tracked by Bloomberg has fallen for the first time in 30 trading days, bringing to an end one of the longest stretches of consecutive daily increases on record. pic.twitter.com/bwPI3ZKvv9

— Christophe Barraud???? (@C_Barraud) June 5, 2020

A record number of S&P 500 stocks trading above their 50DMA with very low levels of downside protection. What could possibly go wrong… pic.twitter.com/ymUTCENheP

— Julien Bittel, CFA (@BittelJulien) June 5, 2020

9 days of higher highs in EUR/USD.

If we get another high in the monday session, it would be the first streak of 10 higher/highs since October-2010 pic.twitter.com/NwRDuZ2FbM

— AndreasStenoLarsen (@AndreasSteno) June 5, 2020


???????? ???????? ???????? American lawmakers are rummaging through their sanctions toolbox for a targeted blow that would make #China feel pain over #HongKong while minimizing damage to the city itself and Washington's interests – Nikkeihttps://t.co/pZ9z3icqE9

— Christophe Barraud???? (@C_Barraud) June 5, 2020

Elon Musk said it’s “time to break up #Amazon” in a tweet, escalating feud w/Bezos. https://t.co/wIYKZfQCD5 pic.twitter.com/ZVrapItSqm

— Holger Zschaepitz (@Schuldensuehner) June 4, 2020

Brazil surpassed Italy as the country with the third most fatalities in the world from the coronavirus. The virus continues to spread globally, adding about 100,000 cases a day as new hot spots emerge from Latin America to India.https://t.co/mzdEconqSK

— David Ingles (@DavidInglesTV) June 5, 2020


???????? #HongKong’s dollar peg faces new scrutiny as security law looms – FThttps://t.co/wkJTufTAOo

— Christophe Barraud???? (@C_Barraud) June 5, 2020

???????? #Japan household spending ⬇ by the most on record in April as people stayed home and shops and restaurants were shut amid a nationwide declaration of emergency over the coronavirus outbreak. Spending ⬇ 11.1% YoY, the most in data going back to 2000 – Bloomberg pic.twitter.com/6mW9EJmq5O

— Christophe Barraud???? (@C_Barraud) June 5, 2020

Japan Set To Lift Quarantines For Business Travelers In Summer – Nikkeihttps://t.co/hcW1gxMySM

— LiveSquawk (@LiveSquawk) June 4, 2020


???????? ???????? #Brexit Talks Set to Finish Without Agreement as Deadline Looms – Bloomberghttps://t.co/rB50Gr9XfH

— Christophe Barraud???? (@C_Barraud) June 5, 2020

???????? #Euro Flashes Warning Signs Amid Longest Rally in Almost a Decade – Bloomberg
*Link: https://t.co/YlsL6qKGOp pic.twitter.com/8RdvOnykDO

— Christophe Barraud???? (@C_Barraud) June 5, 2020

???????? #France Beefs Up Action to Avoid Losing Generation to Joblessness – Bloomberg
*Link: https://t.co/o1lVmsMbxV pic.twitter.com/01qv5lx461

— Christophe Barraud???? (@C_Barraud) June 5, 2020